Alchemists if excellent software

EMPEERIC was a software workshop born to make your projects happen.
Our motto: "Do it once and do it well".

For the last 12 year we had specialized in web applications and web technologies. We were a one stop shop, from concept development and the design, through implementing the best technical solution, deployment, and assistance with getting it to the clients. We love innovative ideas and will go to great lengths to make them happen. We will always have a special place in our heart for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Ronen Akerman Photographer - רונן אקרמן צלם

A portfolio website for one on Israel's top photographer (and our founder's brother). Clean simple and comunicatibe. HTML5, mobile compatible, and search engine optimized (SEO). - עורו

A social-movement and user generated content site, in the spirit of A modern, information-aged tool for decentrelized, grassroots policy-making.


Praxis is devoted to assist individuals, groups and various types of organizations in the process of reframing in order to maintain relevant mindsets and strategies.


Bablic makes localizing your website a simple and quick task. No additional programming, no new templates, no hassles of any kind. Yes, you can have your website in any language you want tomorrow without having to call back your web designer.


A cutting-edge iPad application for pocker-style slot-machine gaming experience.


A smashing social football-themed game in Facebook.

A web site packed with features oriented around the Israeli Climbing Clubs (ILCC) needs to make their members climbing experience better, safer and more enjoyable.

Let's bench! Gives users the ability to visually customize their Bencher. An advanced frontend application with a sophisticated UI driven by an innovative backend. Adopted also for use on smartphones with touchscreens.

Want to know more on the appartment you are looking for? Add your rating and be a part of the crowd knowledge Website and Application, that collect and Analyst the information.

VCycle is a state of the art social commerce website, allowing users to conduct buiesness with their neighbours.

JunkMe is a site deteceted at fighting spam . It allows user to report junk mails that they had received, and provides the users with the compensation they are eligible to under Israeli law.

Modern, slick and youthful iPhone app design with a simple and powerful UI.

Modern, slick and youthful iPhone app design with a simple and powerful UI.

A creative design for the Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design (LCUD) of the Tel -Aviv University

Pick-a-deal is a group deal aggregator. Empeeric rebuilt the site with advanced features, upgraded performance and security.

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Why us?

Make your software project a onetime investment. Remember, lingering on a project can be a financial disaster. Do it once, and do it well. Avoid fixing those money and time-wasting issues that appear after delivery. How do you do that? Use a professional and superior project manager working with an excellent developer team. Our Highly Experienced Project Managers with our core of developers and unique Expert Cloud will save you those unplanned after-delivery expenses.


Since it first started, Empeeric rooted deep in the Israeli and global development community. Through contributing and assisting open-source projects, as the jQuery library or our own browser extensions or hosting a wide variety of groups and events in our offices and on our great roof overlookin Tel-Aviv. We keep in touch with the best of the best in all aspects that have to do with application and startup development, which not only helps us give back to the community but strengthens our expert cloud...

Alpha Geeks:

A group which strives to bring talks about the newest technology advances in a open non-formal envoirment

DefCon (DC9723):

The Israeli DefCon group is a group designed to serve as a place for discussion for the growing community of people involved in information security in Israel.


PyWeb Israel focuses on Python and Django development with interesting talks about other aspects of web design and architecture.